Paul Buijs
Artist / Photographer

Young, reckless and fresh from the Arnhem art academy, Paul Buijs (1982) went in order to find a suitable subject for his graduation project, where no other student would follow; the shady underworld of gay darkrooms and sex parties. Hovering unsettlingly between fiction and reality, documentary style and art photography, Buijs’ work is of an unedited realism. What normally stays in the shades is now brightly lit up in an uncomfortable, confronting way. It reveals a curious and previously unexamined aspect of the gay scene, and provides a window into the collision of the club life, kinky sex and dark cellars that color the streets of Amsterdam.



Tom Of Finland Foundation LA
2nd place in the category photography
(December 2014)

Queering Art Maas-Kort Nijmegen
26th and 27th July 2014
Group exhibition with pictures and books

1000 Photos Melkweg galerie Amsterdam
Group Exhibition with pictures
(May- June 2013)

NEW Dutch 2013 GUP Gallery Amsterdam
Group Exhibition with pictures
(February- March 2013)

Porn Film Festival Berlin
Group Exhibition with pictures
Lecture about my work
(October 2012)

Bedford Utrecht
Groupexhibition with pictures and sculptures
(June 2012)

UVA Amsterdam
Lecture about my pictures
(December 2011)

Get A Room
Lecture about my pictures
(August 2011)

Club Oostpool
Young Talented Night
(November 2010)

Artez Arnhem
(August 2010)


Mascular Magazine
Issue 12 online magazine
(April 2015 - Engeland)

Crooked Fagazine
Issue 4 printed magazine
(November 2014 - Canada)

Mein schwules Auge 11
Yearbook of art
(October 2014 - Germany)

Leslie Lohman Museum
Since March 2014 both my books, SOS and Deleyla, has been admitted to the collection of the library from the Leslie Lohman Museum in New York City

GUP New Dutch Talent 2013
Yearbook of new Dutch photography talent
(February 2014 - The Netherlands)

Et Alors?
Issue 4 online magazine
(December 2012 - Belgium)
click here for interview

Berlin Art Parasites
online magazine
(October 2012 - Germany)
click here for interview

Gay news
online magazine
(February 2012 - The Netherlands)
click here for interview